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| Option to not echo DDL from Slonik
| Option to not echo DDL from Slonik
| [ Bug 152]
| [ Bug 152]
| Completed for 2.1

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Slony 2.1 RoadMap

This page discusses plans for version 2.1

Consequences of SlonyBrainstorming November/December 2010.

Targetted for 2.1

The slony team is planning on adding the following items to 2.1

Feature BugZilla Entry Notes
Automatic WAIT FOR Bug 179 Completed for 2.1
Multi-Node FAILOVER Bug 178 WAS blocked by Bug 179
TCP KEEP ALIVE support Bug 126 Completed for 2.1 (windows status ?)
TIMESTAMP with TIMEZONE Bug 163 Completed for 2.1
Easier adding of tables Bug 181 Completed for 2.1

Patches Requested

The following items are desired for version 2.1 and would make good introductory tasks for developers wanting to get familiar with the Slony code base.

If you would like to work on one of these items then let the slony1-hackers mailing list know.

Feature BugZilla Entry Notes
slonik -f option for Preamble Bug 183
'DATE' slonik command Bug 180 Completed for 2.1
Option to not echo DDL from Slonik Bug 152 Completed for 2.1
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