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There are several Python drivers for PostgreSQL. This is the incomplete feature matrix for them; please help complete it as you see fit.

Software License Platforms Python versions DB API 2.0 Native (uses libpq) Notes
Psycopg LGPL Unix, Win32 2.4-3.2 yes yes Most popular libpq-based driver
PyGreSQL BSD Unix, Win32 2.3-2.6 yes yes
ocpgdb BSD Unix 2.3-2.6 yes yes PG8.1+
py-postgresql BSD any (pure Python) 3.0+ yes no pure Python with optional C accelerator modules, extensive custom API
bpgsql LGPL any (pure Python) 2.3-2.6 yes no labeled alpha
pg8000 BSD any (pure Python) 2.5+ / 3.0+ yes no new maintenance fork (2012)


  • pgasync, no updates since 2005
  • PoPy, no updates since 2003
  • pyPgSQL, no updates since 2006

There is similar page on the Python wiki

Python PostgreSQL Driver TODO

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