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The PostgreSQL project aims to fully support a major release for five years, under the terms of the Versioning policy

After a release falls out of full support, we may (at our committers' discretion) continue to apply further critical fixes to the source code, on a best-effort basis. No formal releases or binary packages will be produced by the project, but the updated source code will be available from our source code control system.

This policy will be followed on a best-effort basis. In extreme cases it may not be possible to support a release for the planned lifetime; for example if a serious bug is found that cannot be resolved in a given major version without significant risk to the stability of the code or loss of application compatibility. In such cases, early retirement of a major version may be required.

End Of Life (EOL) dates

Version EOL Date Release Date
PostgreSQL 7.4 July 2010 (extended) November 2003
PostgreSQL 8.0 July 2010 (extended) January 2005
PostgreSQL 8.1 November 2010 November 2005
PostgreSQL 8.2 December 2011 December 2006
PostgreSQL 8.3 February 2013 February 2008
PostgreSQL 8.4 July 2014 July 2009
PostgreSQL 9.0 September 2015 September 2010

Note: Versions 8.1 and earlier are not supported on Windows platforms.

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