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== Code ==
== Code ==
* {{MessageLink||bump catalog version for plpython3u change?  Use RTLD_GLOBAL?}}
* {{MessageLink||bump catalog version for plpython3u change?}}
* {{MessageLink||Fix log_temp_files units}}
* {{MessageLink||Fix log_temp_files units}}

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Project Planning

  • Current state is BETA2
  • Current projected production release date is mid-August 2010
  • First commit fest in 9.1 is 15 July 2010



No known issues right now.

Resolved Issues

Resolved after Beta1

Resolved after Beta2

Long-term issues

These items are not 9.0-specific or brand new features for 9.1. They should be fixed or integrated eventually, but not for now.

Known bugs and limitations

New features

Other issues

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