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This is a list of tasks that need to finish before 8.4 is complete. Current version at


  • Change behavior of statement-level triggers for inheritance cases?
    • gsmet says: no patch written yet and it's probably something we'll need to backpatch so I don't think is a beta blocker
    • rhaas says: TODO
  • finishing posix_fadvise patch
    • gsmet says: no patch yet and no consensus on the solution yet: should be bumped to 8.5
    • rhaas says: I'm not convinced the original design was wrong, but there's probably no time to rehash it now.
  • GetCurrentVirtualXIDs() (is this patch safe?)
    • gsmet says: should be bumped to 8.5 - submitted far too late and no real answer to tgl's objection at the moment.
  • PQinitSSL broken in some use cases
    • gsmet says: not a beta blocker IMHO but would be nice to fix it
    • mha says: isn't this a beta blocker because it would add a function to the shared libraries, thus requiring a version number bump?
    • tgl says: in the past we have not considered that adding a function requires a soname bump. But in general feature additions should not happen after beta starts. So either this blocks beta or it goes to 8.5.
    • rhaas says: mmconcure was one of the instigators of this IIRC and he's OK with postpoing to 8.5
  • change cardinality() for multi-dim arrays?
    • gsmet says: not a beta blocker IMHO but it's a must fix for 8.4
    • tgl says: well, we either fix it or decide it's okay as is. But we have to make a decision now; once 8.4 ships we'll be stuck with the behavior.
    • rhaas says: since it's only a compatibility function, the right answer is arguable; I don't see much reason to second-guess Peter's decision
  • postgresql.conf: patch to have ParseConfigFile report all parsing errors, then bail
    • gsmet says: might be a good idea to commit it before beta. People are going to fine tune their 8.4 installation at the start of the beta phase and it seems like a good opportunity to exercise this code
    • rhaas says: new feature, bump to 8.5. tgl agreed on -hackers.
  • small but useful patches for text search
    • gsmet says: no strong opinion on these ones. They were submitted far too late but they are small, useful and not likely to have any side effect elsewhere.
    • rhaas says: new feature, bump to 8.5
  • Additional DTrace Probes
    • gsmet says: not a beta blocker. Not sure we want to commit them though. The patch is pretty small. These probes were originally submitted in july 2008 as part of a biggest patch and discarded from the patch due to comments. They were fixed in march 2009.
    • rhaas says: tgl points out that this has not been reviewed yet, either. i think we should bump to 8.5.
  • what to do about expensive args to DTrace probes?
    • gsmet says: IMHO, if we plan to build more binaries with DTrace enabled by default (tgl thought about enabling them in the RH/Fedora RPM packages), it should be fixed before the beta. Otherwise, it doesn't sound like a beta blocker.
    • tgl says: both the DTrace and systemtap experts say that manual protection of an expensive probe with an if (foo_ENABLED()) test is the preferred way. I'm not thrilled with that but should probably defer to their judgment.
  • pg_standby trigger behavior is dangerous
    • gsmet says: not a beta blocker but should be fixed in 8.4 and perhaps backpatched.
    • rhaas says: backpatching sounds like a bad idea to me, but I could see fixing it for 8.4 if we can get it done RSN.
  • typedefs for pg_indent
    • tgl says: this isn't a beta blocker, though we'd like to have it done before we do the pg_indent run for 8.4.

psql \d issues

8.4 Bugs

Pre-existing Bugs

These issues also affect existing branches, so strictly speaking they are not blockers for putting out an 8.4 beta.



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