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pgCon 2013 Unconference Day

The PostgreSQL Community is having our first Unconference Day at pgCon 2013 in Ottawa! This event, sponsored by, extends pgCon and gives us additional opportunities to share, collaborate, and discuss about PostgreSQL development, hacking, usage, and community.

For more about unconference days and why we're doing this, see the Unconference Day FAQ.

If you are interested in holding a session, or you want someone else to do a session on a particular topic on the Unconference day, please add your proposal to "session ideas" below.

Basic Information

pgCon Unconference Day

Saturday, May 25th

10am to 5:30pm

Rooms: MNT202, MRT221, MRT256

Unconference Schedule

Not final, may be revised based on conference logistics.

Time Event
10am to 11am Introduction and selection of sessions in MRT 202
11am to 12pm First sessions (3 rooms)
12pm to 1pm Second sessions (3 rooms)
1pm to 2:30pm Lunch discussion groups
2:30pm to 3:30pm Third sessions (3 rooms)
3:30pm to 4:30pm Fourth Sessions (3 rooms)
4:30pm to 5:30pm Spillover Sessions (3 rooms)

How Sessions are Selected

No predetermined schedule is set for the Unconference Day beforehand. Instead, participants in the Unconference bring their ideas, demands, wishlists and discussion topics, and propose sessions at 10am in MRT 202. Anyone can lead a session. Sessions are accepted by acclaim, and scheduled collaboratively in the first period from 10am to 11am.

In order to get things started quickly on the Unconference Day, participants are encouraged to post session ideas on the wiki, below, before the unconference actually starts.

For more information, see the Unconference Day FAQ

Session Ideas

If you wish to lead a session at the Unconference Day, or if you wish someone else would hold one on a specific topic, please propose it below. Copy this template and add your session proposal:

   === My Session Idea ===
   Proposed By: Me
   Session Type: Presentation/Round-table/Open Discussion/Hacking/Other
   Description: write a few lines of description of your session idea here
   Attendees: anyone who thinks they'll attend this, add your name here Testing Brainstorming

Proposed By: Josh Berkus

Session Type: Open Discussion

Description: the regression tests and the Buildfarm don't cover anywhere near all the kinds, or scope, of testing we want to do with Postgres, especially during the Beta Testing period. What other kinds of testing could we be doing? How can we increase test coverage? How can we get new contributors involved in testing?

Attendees: put your name here:

Enhancement of PostgreSQL testing framework

Proposed By: Galy Lee

Session Type: Presentation/Open Discussion

Description: We had enhanced three parts to current PostgreSQL regression test suite, those are: new replication testing framework, kernel testing framework for index/transaction/buffer page module, enhancement of isolation testing framework with synchronization mechanism. I will introduce our works and hope to discuss with the community how to make our testing framework better.

Attendees: Galy,

Trigger-Based Replication Brainstorming

Proposed By: Christopher Browne

Session Type: Open Discussion

Description: What are people liking/not liking about Slony, Londiste, Bucardo? What features are not available that would be valuable to have? What backend features would be useful to make implementations better/faster/more reliable?

Attendees: cbbrowne, me (Susanne),

Open Hack Session

Proposed By: Quinn Weaver

Session Type: Hacking

Description: Bring a project or come looking to join, work in a team or solo, use IRC and sneakernet to help each other out — just hack!

Attendees: Quinn, Satoshi

Planned projects:

  • Quinn: I will be giving pg-version-compare some much-needed love (top priority: adding data for recent PostgreSQL releases).
  • Satoshi: I will be hacking pgperf-snapshot to catch up to the 9.3 (and add some unit tests). See docs for more details.

The Future of Postgres

Proposed by: Josh Berkus

Session Type: Open discussion

Description: where do you think PostgreSQL should go in 2 years? 5? 10? What features do you see as essential to Postgres continuing to thrive? Who's going to work on them?

Lower Level Tuning

Proposed By: Susanne Ebrecht

Session Type: Presentation and Open Discussion

Description: Databases are real I/O and RAM eater. The talk gives an overview what administrators need to consider on buying new hardware, what they need to tune on Linux level and which variables they might want to change in postgresql.conf to get better performance.

Attendees:: anyone who thinks they'll attend this, add your name here


Proposed By: Susanne Ebrecht

Session Type: Presentation and Open Discussion

Description: For what does PostgreSQL need VACUUM? Why should it run? When is autovacuum triggered? Why autovacuum not alwys works ...

Attendees: anyone who thinks they'll attend this, add your name here

InnoDB - purge_thread instead of VACUUM

Proposed By: Hartmut Holzgraefe

Session Type: Presentation and Open Discussion

Description: PostgreSQL and InnoDB/XtraDB are both implementing MVCC in similar ways, differ at the detail level though. One of the differences is how to get rid of MVCC records that are no longer needed ... where PostgreSQL requires explicit VACUUM operation (or semi-implicit AUTOVACUUM) the InnoDB storage engine uses one or (in recent releases) more background threads to get rid of old MVCC entries (almost) completely transparantly ... I'd like to have a look at the implementation details and the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches ...

Attendees: anyone who thinks they'll attend this, add your name here

What more is needed for better JSON use?

Proposed By: Andrew Dunstan

Session Type: Open Discussion

Description: Now we have a lot of enhanced JSON functionality in 9.3, what more is needed for more effective and useful JSON?

Attendees: add your name here

Don't be afraid to give a talk on PGCon

Proposed By: Susanne Ebrecht

Session Type: Open Discussion

Description: How to prepare a good talk, ...

Attendees: add your name here

Speaker wanted!

Upgrading a running HA system without downtime and without lost of HA

Proposed By: Susanne Ebrecht

Description: Hot upgrading to a new release by always minimum have running one master and minimum one slave .....

Attendees: add your name here

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