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= Clustering and Replication Developers Summit pgCon 2013 =
= Clustering and Replication Developers Summit pgCon 2014 =
Tuesday, May 20th
Tuesday, May 20th

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Clustering and Replication Developers Summit pgCon 2014

Tuesday, May 20th

2PM to 6PM

Preceded by PostgresXC Meeting 9AM to 1PM

University of Ottawa

Room: TBD

Sponsored by NTT Open Source


1:00PM to 2:00PM

Box Lunches supplied for anyone coming for the whole day (PostgresXC + Clustering)

1:30PM to 2:00PM

Please bring any last-minute agenda items to Josh Berkus at this time.

2:00PM to 2:45PM

Introductions, and status reports from Replication/Clustering Projects:

Status updates (please volunteer below if you can give an update):

  • pgPoolII:
  • Postgres-XC:
  • Built-in Replication:
  • Stado:
  • Bucardo:
  • LSR & BDR:

If you are at the summit representing a specific replication or clustering tool, you should prepare a 1-3 minute summary of current progress and issues. If you want to use slides, please provide slides in PDF form to Josh Berkus by Friday, May 16.

2:45PM to 3:15PM

Summary of Clustering API projects.

Summit attendees who have been working on core clustering features should give an update as to progress and current issues. Please present a 5-10 minute summary. Attendees may use their own laptops for slides, or give slides to Josh Berkus.


  • Serializable & Predicate locks on MM replication:
  • Event Triggers:
  • Exportable Snapshots:
  • Planner/Parser Hooks:
  • Logical Changeset Extraction:

3:15PM to 3:45PM


3:45PM to 4:30PM

Summary of Clustering API projects, continued.

4:30PM to 6:00PM

Discussion of priorities, progress and ideas for core clustering projects and APIs.

Goal of this discussion is to modify the list of core clustering features and get commitments for hackers to work on specific features. Also, to supply discussion items for the following day's Developer Meeting


  1. Josh Berkus
  2. Koichi Suzuki
  3. Tatsuo Ishii (and 2 others from SRA OSS)
  4. Mason Sharp
  5. Bruce Momjian
  6. Chris Browne
  7. David Wheeler
  8. Moshe Jacobson (Nead Werx)
  9. Chris Autry (Nead Werx)
  10. Joe Conway
  11. Ioana Danes (Canadian Bank Note)
  12. Steve Singer
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