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* Jim Nasby (plus guest)
* Jim Nasby (plus guest)
* Simon Riggs
* Simon Riggs
* Greg Smith

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PostgreSQL In-Core Replication meeting, pgCon 2012

Time and Place

Wednesday, May 16th, 6pm to 10pm

Ottawa somewhere, room TBA


Draft agenda follows. Please let me know of any contributions/changes to the agenda you have:

  1. Discussion of Multi-Master Theory (Simon)
  2. Demonstration of prototypes (Andres)
  3. Performance comparisons
  4. My use case (Keaton)
  5. Social Media use case (Simon)

Broad and general discussion throughout. Notes and actions will be taken. Volunteers for tasks welcome.

The meeting will be from 6pm to 10pm, with various forms of food and possibly a drink or two, sponsored by 2ndQuadrant.

Attendees (alphabetical)

  • Keaton Adams
  • Josh Berkus (prefer vegetarian)
  • David Fetter
  • Dimitri Fontaine
  • Andres Freund
  • Jim Mlodgenski
  • Jim Nasby (plus guest)
  • Simon Riggs
  • Greg Smith


Meeting limit about 20-25 people

Joining the Meeting

If you will be able to attend, please email Simon (simon@2ndQuadrant.com) with the following:

  • Your Name
  • What pizza topping you like

and please come armed with detailed information about your future replication requirements.