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Page to hold PDXPUG-specific files & such.


Small version; not sure where the large one is


or grab the GIF version




  • PGXPUG PgDay after-party flier (2011): Front ODT | Back ODT. You'll need the following fonts: Strait, monofur.


Welcome to the space

  • thanks to Iovation for hosting us
  • wireless login
  • restrooms
  • after meeting social hour TBD, probably Huber's


  • pdxpug twitter feed
  • past events
    • reports from Pg-related events: PgCon, PgOpen, OSCON, local postgis meeting, etc
  • upcoming events
    • announcements & plans for Pg-related events, eg conference CFPs and booth signups
  • other business
    • e.g. patches reviewed/accepted, jobs: who has one, who needs one


  • silly question + your name


  • introduce the speaker
  • talk talk talk
  • questions

Speaker Info


Thank you for agreeing to speak at PDXPUG’s monthly meeting on [date].

Our meetings are held at Iovation, on the 32nd floor of the US Bancorp Tower, SW 5th & Oak downtown. (This is the same building as the Portland City Grill.) There will be a sandwich board in the lobby announcing the meeting.

The elevators are locked until 6:30, so there’s not much point to being early. If you arrive by 6:45pm, you should have plenty of time to get upstairs & get set up. You can reach [name] at [number] if you have any problems.

Our meetings usually go from 7-8:30pm; we have about 15-30 minutes of announcements/discussion and then our main topic. Plan to speak for 45-60 minutes including questions. Group size ranges anywhere from 5-25 attendees; the average is about a dozen.

Iovation provides a projector and VGA dongle; let us know if you need another adapter or a laptop, and we'll arrange something with one of our members.

Please join us at Bailey's Taproom afterwards for beer and socializing.

Thank you! We’re looking forward to having you at our meeting.




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