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# Michael Banck
# Michael Banck
# Christoph Berg
# Christoph Berg
# Douglas Fraser
[[Category:PostgreSQL Events]]
[[Category:PostgreSQL Events]]

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This is the first PgDay we hold in Belgium. FOSDEM PGDay 2013 will be held on Feb 1st in Brussels, Belgium, at the Radisson Blu Royal hotel. As an extension to the regular PostgreSQL devroom at FOSDEM, it will cover topics for PostgreSQL users, developers and contributors, and anybody else interested in PostgreSQL



Attendance is €50, and registration is required: (limited seats)


Schedule will be published at:

Location and Venue



We are organizing a dinner after the event on Friday 1st, 2013 at Hard Rock Cafe Brussels. We have limited (30) number of seats, so please add your name to this list before going there.

If you are bringing someone to the event, make sure you enter your name *twice* (or more) on the list, so the attendee count matches!


  1. Devrim Gündüz
  2. Devrim Gündüz +1
  3. Magnus Hagander
  4. Andreas Scherbaum
  5. Andreas Scherbaum +1
  6. Jean-Paul Argudo
  7. Patryk Kordylewski
  8. Patryk Kordylewski +1
  9. Dimitri Fontaine
  10. Julien Rouhaud
  11. Dave Page
  12. Marc Cousin
  13. Stéphane Schildknecht
  14. Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais
  15. Guillaume Lelarge
  16. Markus Winand
  17. Marc Balmer
  18. Marc Balmer +1
  19. Stefan Kaltenbrunner
  20. Ronan Dunklau
  21. Gilles Darold
  22. Vik Fearing
  23. Vik Fearing +1
  24. Robert Ivens
  25. Tomas Vondra
  26. Greg Stark
  27. Heikki Linnakangas
  28. Michael Banck
  29. Christoph Berg
  30. Douglas Fraser
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