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We'll try keeping our agenda here for a little while...


Standard Agenda

Welcome to the space

  • thanks to Iovation for hosting us
  • wireless login
  • restrooms
  • after meeting social hour TBD, probably Huber's


  • pdxpug twitter feed
  • past events
    • PgCon - how was it?
  • upcoming events
    • OSB (ticket raffle + discount code)
    • OSCON
      • booth signup is out
      • beering venue will be...
      • we will have t-shirts for booth volunteers, but you have to sign up in advance so we can order them.
    • PgOpen
  • other business
    • PDXPUG + PgUS
    • patches reviewed/accepted
    • jobs!
      • who has a new one? Share your excitement!
      • have an opening?
      • looking for something new to do?
    • books


  • silly question + your name
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