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Some development effort is being put in Postgres ODBC driver to remove outdated code, protocols and clean up the code as well. This effort is made to facilitate maintenance and head up for future releases. The target release for this work is 9.4 release.

Work flow

The development effort is done mainly by Michael Paquier under the guidance of Heikki Linnakangas. In order to not impact the released 09.03.XXX versions of ODBC, merge will be done before releasing 09.04.XXXX, which could be released a couple of weeks before 9.4 to facilitate the work of packagers.

Work items =

The following work items are envisaged on the fork before merge

  • Removal of code paths referencing Postgres servers older than 7.4 (ksqo, schema_support, version-related code)
  • Cleanup of the documentation, removal of references to servers ~7.4
  • Renaming of column PRECISION in pgtypes.c to COLUMN_SIZE, per discussion here
  • Removal of ODBCVER ifdef blocks, it is assumed that it is safe to build code with at least 0x0351.
  • Addition of a new parameter for ErrorOnRollback, that is now part of the protocol string as [0|1|2]
  • Reorganization of info*.c, odbcapi*.c, pgapi*.c: removal of 2.5 stuff, grouping of 3.0 APIs
  • See if something is doable with PG_INTERVAL_AS_SQL_INTERNAL currently disabled in the code

Followed by the following complementary work items, mergeable immediately to pgodbc HEAD as they do not impact the older code:

  • Creation of additional regression tests
    • Check of ODBC 2.X deprecated API calls, list of functions is referenced here
    • pgtypes.c APIs: SQLTables, SQLColumns, etc.
    • Fix code formatting


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