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PostgreSQL Sponsorship

Support for the PostgreSQL project has been made possible over the years by the support of many organizations through time, money, and resources that their constituents have donated.

Sponsorships are discussed and updated based on a semi-annually, majority vote by the sponsorship committee based on the time a sponsorship is to be considered. Each proposed sponsorship is reevaluated once a year from the time it was previously considered. Repeated community violations (defined below) may cause a sponsor to be revoked of its recognition prior to the normal voting period. The sponsorship committee currently includes:

   list names here

There are various ways to contribute to the PostgreSQL community and the criteria below enables the PostgreSQL sponsorship committee determine the sponsorship level of an organization. Baseline criteria for inclusion of a sponsorship includes:

  • Directly contributing to the PostgreSQL core project through regular patch submissions, reviews, commits, or publications.
  • Directly contribute to PostgreSQL-derived projects that provide direct contributions to the community at large. These projects must be considered “inalienable dependents” of the PostgreSQL project. Examples include PostGIS and Postgres-XC.
  • Publishing open-source work with proven adoption that directly interfaces with the PostgreSQL project, which includes but are not limited to:
    • Client-interface helper libraries
    • Connection adapters
    • Graphical managers
    • Extensions as defined by (criteria to get “CREATE EXTENSION” to work)
    • Foreign data wrappers
  • Hosting and maintaining PostgreSQL server architecture including:
    • Buildfarms
    • Website hosting
  • Supporting PostgreSQL contributors through employment, grants, or providing resources to contribute to any of the above bullet points. [This is the catch all]
  • Enabling members to work on PostgreSQL advocacy efforts, which includes:
    • Organizing a PostgreSQL regional conference
    • Significant marketing outreach for PostgreSQL releases
    • Provided repeated, substantial financial or labor contributions to PostgreSQL community conferences.
  • Make an aggregate financial contribution directly to these recognized PostgreSQL Community nonprofit organizations, the value of which would determine the sponsorship:
    • Software in the Public Interest
    • and any legal entity that is a d/b/a of
    • we’ll list them all

This criteria is used for determining the following levels of community sponsorship:

To be considered a Sponsor, an organization must have met at least one of the criteria for at least a year. To be awarded a Sponsor label based on a financial contribution to the PostgreSQL Community NPOs, the aggregated value of the donations in the past year should be at least $7,500.

Major Sponsor

To be considered a Major Sponsor, must have been a Sponsor for at least a year in its lifetime on the sponsorship list and have met at least two of the criteria on the list above in the past 12 months. To be awarded a Major Sponsor label based on a financial contribution to the PostgreSQL Community NPOs, the aggregated value of the donations in the past year should be at least $20,000.

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