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Statistics collector

Monitoring PostgreSQL with Munin

  • PostgreSQL Plugins developed in Perl are included in the Core Munin Distribution. The following plugins are included by default: postgres_bgwriter, postgres_locks_, postgres_tuples_, postgres_cache_, postgres_querylength_, postgres_users, postgres_checkpoints, postgres_scans_, postgres_xlog, postgres_connections_, postgres_size_, postgres_connections_db, postgres_transactions_.
  • PyMunin - Multigraph Munin Plugins in Python - PyMunin includes a Multigraph Munin Plugin for PostgreSQL that implements the following graphs: pg_connections, pg_diskspace, pg_blockreads, pg_xact, pg_tup_read, pg_tup_write, pg_blockreads_detail, pg_xact_commit_detail, pg_xact_rollback_detail, pg_tup_return_detail, pg_tup_fetch_detail, pg_tup_delete_detail, pg_tup_update_detail, pg_tup_insert_detail.
  • PostgreSQL Monitoring With Munin. Detailed setup instructions for common Linux platforms.


SNMP agent

Useful for network management systems which are limited to SNMP protocol.