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Detailed setup instructions for common Linux platforms can be found at []
Detailed setup instructions for common Linux platforms can be found at []
==== Zabbix ====
[ pg_monz] is a [ Zabbix] monitoring template for Postgres.
==== NewRelic ====
==== NewRelic ====

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[edit] PostgreSQL builtin & contrib

[edit] Statistics collector

PostgreSQL collects lots of data on its own and offers it via the pg_stat(io)_ system views

[edit] contrib extensions

The following extensions offer access to Postgres internals which may be of interest or collect additional information. Most of them are shipped with Postgres (the -contrib packages may need to be installed) and can be activated via the extension interface.

[edit] pg_stat_statements

pg_stat_statements tracks all queries that are executed on the server and records average runtime per query "class" among other parameters.

[edit] pg_stat_plans

pg_stat_plans extends on pg_stat_statements and records query plans for all executed quries. This is very helpful when you're experiencing performance regressions due to inefficient query plans due to changed parameters or table sizes.

[edit] pgstattuple

pgstattuple can generate statistics for tables and indexes, showing how much space in each table & index is consumed by live tuples, deleted tuples as well as how much unused space is available in each relation.

[edit] pg_buffercache

pg_buffercache gives you introspection into Postgres' shared buffers, showing how many pages of which relations are currently held in the cache.

[edit] External projects

[edit] CLI tools

[edit] pg_view

pg_view is a Python-based tool to quickly get information about running databases and resources used by them as well as correlate running queries and why they might be slow.

[edit] Checkers

[edit] check_postgres

check_postgres is a command line tool which is designed to be run from software like Icinga, MRTG or as a standalone tool. It can monitor many aspects of the database and trigger warnings when thresholds are violated.

[edit] Interfaces & collectors

These tools either offer an interface to PostgreSQL monitoring-relevant data or can aggregate and prepare them for other systems.

[edit] pgsnmpd

pgsnmpd can run as a standalone SNMP server and implements the RFC 1697 MIB which is generic RDBMS MIB

This is useful for network management systems which are limited to SNMP protocol.

[edit] pganalyze-collector

pganalyze-collector is a tool which collects pg_stat_plans query information as well as various performance-relevant database parameters and converts them into a JSON structure for easy ingestion in other systems.

[edit] Generic monitoring solutions with plugins

[edit] Munin

PostgreSQL Plugins developed in Perl are included in the Core Munin Distribution. The following plugins are included by default: postgres_bgwriter, postgres_locks_, postgres_tuples_, postgres_cache_, postgres_querylength_, postgres_users, postgres_checkpoints, postgres_scans_, postgres_xlog, postgres_connections_, postgres_size_, postgres_connections_db, postgres_transactions_

PyMunin includes a Multigraph Munin Plugin written in Python that implements the following graphs: pg_connections, pg_diskspace, pg_blockreads, pg_xact, pg_tup_read, pg_tup_write, pg_blockreads_detail, pg_xact_commit_detail, pg_xact_rollback_detail, pg_tup_return_detail, pg_tup_fetch_detail, pg_tup_delete_detail, pg_tup_update_detail, pg_tup_insert_detail

Detailed setup instructions for common Linux platforms can be found at

[edit] Zabbix

pg_monz is a Zabbix monitoring template for Postgres.

[edit] NewRelic

NewRelic is a commercial SaaS application monitoring solution which offers a PostgreSQL plugin maintained by EnterpriseDB.

[edit] Cacti

There has been work done on building a Postgres template for Cacti, Details can be found at the Cacti page.

[edit] Postgres-centric monitoring solutions

[edit] EnterpriseDB Postgres Enterprise Manager

Postgres Enterprise Manager is a commercial application offered by EnterpriseDB which covers many aspects of Postgres operations & monitoring in large environments.

[edit] pganalyze

pganalyze is a commercial SaaS offering which focuses on performance monitoring and automated tuning suggestions.

[edit] pgwatch

pgwatch is a PHP web application which offers interactive graphs for relevant Postgres data.

[edit] pg_statsinfo & pg_stats_reporter

pg_statsinfo is a Postgres extension that collects lots of performance-relevant information inside the Postgres server which then can be aggregated by pg_stats_reporter instances which provide a web interface to the collected data. Both are FOSS software maintained by NTT.

[edit] PGObserver

PGObserver is a Python & Java-based Postgres monitoring solution developed by Zalando. It was developed with a focus on stored procedure performance but extended well beyond that.

[edit] pgCluu

pgCluu is a Perl-based monitoring solution which uses psql and sar to collect information about Postgres servers and render comprehensive performance stats.

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