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This page is for collecting ideas for future Summer of Code projects. For the currently active Summer of Code program, see GSoC_2013


Project Ideas

Project ideas are to be added here.

(Please can we have visibility of ideas on Hackers please to avoid overreaching what is possible in the time, and also working on dubious projects.)


  • Add RETURNING to DDL (CREATE, ALTER, DROP) and possibly DCL (GRANT, REVOKE) link
  • Allow different datatypes to be sliced differently, when TOASTed link
  • Sequential disk access during VACUUM for GiST/GIN
  • Support for index-only scan for GiST
  • Support for microvacuum for GiST
  • Parallel GIN build using background workers (challenging project)
  • Implement WAL logging for hash indexes
  • Indexing prolonged geometrical objects (i.e. boxes, circles, polygons, not points) with SP-GiST by mapping to 4d-space.


  • cube extension improvements (indexing, type support, new KNN search metrics) link


  • Rewrite (add) pg_dump and pg_restore utilities as libraries (.so, .dll & .dylib) link
  • Extending MADlib functions to fill in (extrapolate) missing values in data sets link1 link2
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