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PostgreSQL Events

Most PostgreSQL-specific events are tracked on the PostgreSQL Events page. This is a listing of events at which we expect, or would like to have, a PostgreSQL presence. Please keep the events in order by starting date and follow the existing examples. Please also tag the events with the MediaWiki "PostgreSQL Events" category. If you are going to be organizing a PostgreSQL booth, please adhere to BoothPolicies. PostgreSQL Europe conference coordination is here. Conference for China user group is here.

Upcoming PostgreSQL Events Listing
Event Web Page Date Country City Activities
FOSDEM 2012 FOSDEM '12 February 04-05, 2011 Belgium Brussels Booth, Devroom
PGWest 2012 PostgreSQL West 2012 June 26-29, 2012 USA Denver, CO Training, Talks

Previous PostgreSQL Events Listing
Event Web Page Date Country City Activities
PostgreSQL Conference Germany 2011 PGConf.DE 2011 Nov 11, 2011 Germany Oberhausen Talks
PGBR2011 PGBR2011 Nov 3-4, 2011 Brazil São Paulo Tutorials, Talks, Booth
PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2011 PGConf.EU 2011 October 18-21, 2011 The Netherlands Amsterdam Training, Talks
PostgreSQL Conference West 2011 #PgWest 2011 September 27-30, 2011 San Jose California Training, Talks, Booth
Postgres Open Postgres Open 2011 Sep 14-16, 2011 USA Chicago Postgres Open Talks 2011
PGDay Porto Alegre PGDay Porto Alegre August 19, 2011 Brazil Porto Alegre Talks, Booths
FrOSCon FrOSCon 2011 August 20-21, 2011 Germany St. Augustin Talks, Booth
Pg Conf Colombia Pg Conf Colombia 2011 August 4-5, 2011 Colombia Bucaramanga
PgDay at OSCON 2011 PgDay at OSCON 2011 July 24, 2011 USA Portland, OR Talks, party
2011 China PostgreSQL User conference 2011 China PostgreSQL User conference July 16-17, 2011 China GUANGZHOU Talks,Tutorial
PGCon 2011 PGCon 2011 May 17-20, 2011 Canada Ottawa Talks, Training
PGEast 2011 PGWest March 22-25, 2011 USA New York, NY Talks, Training
PostgresSQL Conference 2011 Japan February 25-26, 2011 Tokyo Japan
FOSDEM, Brussels 2011 FOSDEM '11 February 05-06, 2011 Belgium Brussels Booth, Devroom
PGDAY-Latino, La Habana 2011 PGDAY-Latino '11 February 01-05, 2011 Cuba La Habana Talks, Workshop
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