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* Jeff Davis (jdavis)
* Jeff Davis (jdavis)
* Stephen Frost (sfrost)
* Stephen Frost (sfrost)
* Fujii Masao
* Fujii Masao (fujii)
* Noah Misch (noah)
* Noah Misch (noah)

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This is the current list of people with access to push to the git repository with their user names. For technical details on how committing works, see Committing with Git. Note: This is just a list of people who currently have access to push to git; for information on current and previous contributors, see the contributor profiles section of the web site. Note: The names are listed here in order of first commit, oldest first; this isn't intended to imply anything about depth of contribution.

  • Bruce Momjian (momjian)
  • Tom Lane (tgl)
  • Michael Meskes (meskes)
  • Tatsuo Ishii (ishii)
  • Peter Eisentraut (petere)
  • Teodor Sigaev (teodor)
  • Joe Conway (joe)
  • Alvaro Herrera (alvherre)
  • Andrew Dunstan (adunstan)
  • Magnus Hagander (mha)
  • Heikki Linnakangas (heikki)
  • Robert Haas (rhaas)
  • Itagaki Takahiro (itagaki)
  • Simon Riggs (sriggs)
  • Greg Stark (stark)
  • Kevin Grittner (kgrittn)
  • Jeff Davis (jdavis)
  • Stephen Frost (sfrost)
  • Fujii Masao (fujii)
  • Noah Misch (noah)

Notes on the Commit Log

Hundreds of developers have successfully contributed work to PostgreSQL over more than 20 years, many acting as individuals, though also many representing academic institutions and both user and vendor companies. Both the "Author" and "Committer" fields of such patches will reflect the committer. The actual author of a patch, if different, is generally listed in the commit message; reviewers or others who contributed ideas or otherwise helped with the patch may also be listed. Many patches, in the form in which they are committed, are the work of multiple people: original author or authors, reviewer(s), and/or committer. As a result, no simple analysis of duration or depth of contribution over time is possible from the commit log. The project operates a system of careful peer review and even committers have their work checked by other committers and the community as a whole.

New Committers

There is no defined process for how new committers are selected. Typically, candidates will have sent many good patches over a longer period of time. Then, existing committers or the core team will propose making the person a committer. The final approval is done by the core team.

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