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[ repmgr]
[ repmgr]
[ Demo of a simple setup with repmgr]
Supported features:
Supported features:

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Compare binary replication tools for PostgreSQL for features and ease of use.


OmniPITR Demo of a simple replication setup with OmniPITR

Summary of Features:

  • Creating PITR backups
  • Restoring a PITR backup for DR
  • Creating replicas (by untarring backups)
  • Monitoring of replicas
  • Supports 'pause removal' of WAL during a backup (nice!)
  • BSD license

Install notes:

  • No packaging, perl
  • No documented support for streaming replication
  • Uses an odd format for omnipitr logfile naming
  • No configuration file option (instead of using long command-line options)


repmgr Demo of a simple setup with repmgr

Supported features:

  • Setting up new replicas/hot_standby with streaming replication
  • Making base backups
  • Failover (automated, or not, including redirecting replicas to connect to a new master after failover)
  • Lag monitoring (repmgrd)
  • A "witness" DB server for monitoring (typically on a replica)
  • License: GPLv3

Install notes:

  • Written in C
  • Installs like a typical UNIX utility out of postgresql/contrib source tree (make USE_PGXS=1; make USE_PGXS=1 install)
  • Developed on Debian systems, so support for package is present. Did not find an Ubuntu package for repmgr, however.
  • Detailed docs are in the README for installing on many Linux platforms
  • Doesn't appear to be supported on Mac OS X





Skytools / walmgr




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