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The PostgreSQL mailing lists are archived at This site is intended to provide an accurate representation of the activity on the lists, and as such will not be modified except to remove offensive, pornographic, defamatory or otherwise potentially illegal messages.

Why won't you remove my post?

There are a number of reasons why we will not remove of modify messages in the archives:

  • We want the archives to accurately represent the history of our public mailing lists.
  • Due to the way the archives are stored and occasionally regenerated from archived mailbox files modifying a message is extremely difficult, time consuming and error prone.
  • Removing a message breaks the numbering system used to access subsequent messages which will break any links on websites or other list messages.
  • Messages posted to our mailing lists are archived by other organisations outside of our control both directly, and via our Usenet gateway. Removing a message from our archives is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • We have limited volunteer resources to run the project (and no non-volunteer resources) and would prefer to use those resources to produce a great DBMS than rewrite history.
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